Friday, 14 December 2012

Convergent Charging and Billing Solution through BSS OSS

Convergent charging and billing system is the backbone of the telecom industry. Only the proper billing system can move the telecom company as the reliable one. If the telecom service provider has the robust and secure billing and charging solution for their customers that means they are doing the great job in the telecom industry. 

As we know the customers are growing rapidly for the telecom service providers and we cannot measure how the customers are growing but the fact is, the service must be innovative and through the BSS OSS only and I think there is no any other option for this. Convergent Charging and billing process is the first process to initiate the values added services at their devices and keep services reliable and best it comes under the business support systems and operation support systems. So both systems are equally important to move the process further.

 BSS and OSS is all about the maintaining the data of the customers, accurate billing procedure, and keeping systems away from the problems or bugs, ensure the network connectivity at all these factors can maintaining with this process. 

If we will talk about the payment procedures in the telecom industry it would be categorized into two important parts:

1) Prepaid 
 2) Postpaid 

 1) Prepaid: Prepaid service is chargeable before avail the services means first customers shall have to pay the bill after that they would be eligible for using the services. 

 2) Postpaid: Postpaid service is chargeable after avail the services to the customers at the end of a particular month means firstly customers can use the services and they have to be paid an amount at the end of the month.

This systems incorporated with the broadband management, television and fixed line into the existing systems and whenever the changes requires the telecom industry update their billing systems through the help of the proficient professionals in the industry’s OSS can only help to a particular organization to move at the top position in the market because if the companies’ support systems are fine then there is no need to worry about the positions. 

If the customers are happy with the service providers and only they can move to them, in to the top review ranking and exposure. If really you want to use the services from the telecom industry so make sure the service provider should be innovative and robust in terms of data management and technical support systems. They can only offer the best services to you.


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