Monday, 21 January 2013

5 Steps to Select the Right Telecom Outsourcing Vendors

Telecom software outsourcing is not a new concept it is being since last few years. There are plethora companies around the world. When a customer wants to join a telecom software vendor and I think he face a lot of challenges to selection of the company. Here I am trying to discuss few important points which might help to the customer of the selection. Points to be considered while choosing the telecom software vendor:

Define Goals and Objectives

Always come up with your clear picture and vision. What are your needs and what type of solution you want for your existing system? If you are a telecom business man and you require telecom software in that case you have to define all features and factors in front of you or with your partners. This is the basic step to clear tour objective and process and try to negotiate the process with the telecom software providers.

 Research Information of ISV’s 

Whenever you are going to choose the ISVs and for the telecom software outsourcing, you should find out all information about it. It’s not about what they are providing but also what it’s done. Generally peoples follow the online way to select the vendor it is good but, first they have to measure the working expert’s knowledge, try out the information about their policies and norms. If you found all as per your requirement then you can go for the next phase. 

 Evaluation Process After collecting the information, carry out the details of those companies who meet your requirements. As per the collective information you have to refine the company information and choose one of them. If there is require any suggestion to take the important decision for the selection of the vendor should take the help from your colleague or from your partner.

Customer Feedbacks & Reviews 

Still if you are feeling confusion to take the decision you should go online and look the feedbacks and reviews of the vendor. If the vendor’s feedback and reviews are fine, no doubt you can select the vendor for your business. Make sure your outsourcing business meets the criteria of the company’s guidelines and proposals. 

Vendor Selection

At the end of the process finally you can join your hands with the telecom vendors who is offering the right solution and with the right way with affordable cost. Might become few difficulties during the process of the development but it’s not your headache just relax and the independent telecom software vendor will provide you the product within the stipulated time frame.


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