Thursday, 7 February 2013

8 Steps to Select CRM- Software over Telecom Industry

The need for IT services is increasing over the years especially in the telecommunication industry. Basically this industry is fully customer perspective and as per the market demand. So naturally the requirement of the telecom services would increase. As we know the Mobile and the telecom market industry statically growing because of the new era of this industry. When the peoples flood came in the industry then software application requires to manage customer information and their services too.

If you are going to buy telecom software or outsourcing your requirement please keep below mentioned points in your mind before placing your order:

Inventory Management

Inventory is only the place where the information repository. Before choosing any software vendor you have to test the repository management section. Is it working properly? Or any other issues are there during the addition of new customer information. Always feel free to ask questions about the each section properly because it’s in right to information. After satisfaction of this section you can move in a second step.

Log management

Telecom software management system always keeps a section that is log management where the history of the customer log information resided. Whenever and whatever you required any information related to your valuable customer it should be available in front of you within a single search.

Easy Interoperability

Application should be easy to operate. If the platform get change it should follow the interoperability feature and would convert into the updated system without investing effort and time.

Fault detection

The fault detection feature should be available in the application software which is quite important for the business perspective. If any kind of failure occurs in the system, should be a popup window to intimate the problem. Then only we can get resolved the issues.

Authentication and Role based authorization

Authentication and authorization are the backbone of any business process, it does not matter the business of nature. Proper authority should provide to the right candidate at right place. If the candidate is authorized for the admin section he would able to modify that particular section but if he is only authorized for the admin section, he would not able to log in  this kind of functionality well in the software.

Timely upgrades and maintenance

Telecom markets get changed over the years and new trends and services now in the market. So as per the upgrades should be change the telecom functions and features. There should not require more and more time and resource.

Proper Management on VAS

Value added services are the source of income to generate the income. So the services should be properly and managed. If the customer subscribes any service from the telecom operator, should be charging properly. If you are doing fraud with your valuable customer this will affect your business. So check the VAS section in your software before buy the telecommunication software.

Proper Billing System

Accurate billing system can only sustain your reputation in the market. If your telecom billing software is working fine and report generation of the customer in a stipulated time fame it would help to move business a lot. So always try to check billing feature in your software before converting your decision for the buying.


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