Monday, 18 February 2013

Cell Phones Evolution- Ringing In New Age

The mobile revolution world has been changed the life and living style of everyone. Cell phones popularity has been made changes in all sectors and industry. Now days’ people are treating with cell phones as the part of their body. If someone forgets his mobile in his home, he feels panic and would think about missing phone at whole day.

Before the mobile phone was invented people communicated through wired based telephone systems.  People always used broadband telephone systems to share information with relatives and their family members. When cell phone concept came into the market people ignored, due to the lack of knowledge and awareness. But the evolution of this industry never stop, it continued launching branded and new featured cell phones to the peoples. There are lots of telecom software outsourcing companies and providing the telecom solutions.

And now Information technologies are giving the new shape to the mobile industry. Smart phones are coming in every 5 months only because of technologies, like android applications, I Phones based applications, Java technologies and many more.

This industry made tremendous changes in entrepreneurs thinking process. Business man always look forward to move on this industry, because of the exponential growth has been given by this industry to those who entered before 5 years.

If I will talk about the cell phones companies such as Nokia, Samsung, Spice, Carbon, Micro Max, LG, Sony, Apple and many more companies are providing cell phones continuously. Google has launched android operating system before few days ago, and now they are in cell phone industry and have been launched new Google cell phone that is Nexus 4.

Now day’s smart phones are playing the vital role. There is no need to buy computers or laptops because of the functionality of mobile phones are quite advance and fabulous.


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