Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Essential Areas for Telecom and IT Managed Services

Outsourcing IT services to a destiny companies only for the profitability and to increase the productivity. Yes, it’s naturally true that if you are going to choose the It managed service center, to outsource your business product, you have to keep important points in your mind. All points are listed below.

Network Management

This is one of the top concerns that the network management should be reliable and secure. Network management can maintain the performance of the resources, operations, maintenance and provisioning of the systems. They are also responsible for the tracking of the systems, log file management, where the resources are idle, where to need implementation all these functions would come under the network management. What type of connectivity is being required to stabilize to the proper network channel? Fault management is also the one of the big issue which covered by the system.

Server Management

Server is the whole sole of the IT industry. Server management is important task where one admin member can take care about the functionality and issues. If might be chance to generate any kind of failure at the server, he has to responsible to correct. There are lots of servers like UNIX, Windows, and virtual servers are running now days. Servers can only the place where your business web applications have been resided.

 24/7 Hotline Services

The services must be available by 24/7/365, whenever the customer requires any kind of services and support from the software providers; assistance must be there as hot line. If someone need assistance to operate their products then your executive must be there to pick the calls and for the support.

Data Center Management

If you are the software service provider, or product based software vendor, you have to manage the data centers. If data center would not be manage then the customer leave out you. As we know the data or information is one of the precious things for any business. Records and documents are resided at the data center. So the data management is one of the best roles. If any chance to crash the server, always keep the backup systems to recover the original data.

Managed Security Services

Round the clock monitoring and fault detection systems patch management /upgrade and performing security activities at stipulated time. Security is one of the top concerns probably when transactions are performing online and using payment gateways. So there should not be a single chance to leak the information to unauthorized person.

Guaranteed Performance and Availability

 If you are going to choose a network provider company or software company you should discuss the all SLA, service level agreement. How the flexibility of the systems, how many peoples can surf the services ate the same time. Check the performance of the product or services which has been offered by the provider to you.


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