Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Mobile Virtual Network Operator/Enabler (MVNO, MVNE)

Mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), is a telecom operator who does not have the own spectrum or network infrastructure. But they provide the telecom services to the end users; they buy from the telecom providers or MNO. We can also call by the name of switchless resellers.

MVNE (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler) is the whole sole of the telecom industry, because they enable the services and infrastructure to the MVNOs.  Each and every virtual network operator has to take the license and agreement as per the telecom act. If they follow the rules and regulations of the industry, then only they can continue their services to the end user.

One thing is clear that, mvneis more powerful rather than the mvno.  Mostly virtual network operator offers low cost voice and short messaging services to increase the number of customers. There are some important points would be followed by the MVNOs. Virtual operators are responsible for the functionalities such as Subscriber verification, Customer Management, Servicing provisioning whereas MNO is responsible for the spectrum charges, number portability and interconnect agreements,As per the act of telecommunication industry, Mobile virtual network operator has to pay entry fee of 10% of mobile network operator fee.

They can only charge to operators as per usability and consumption of the services. Spectrum charge would be applied to them for the limited time frame and as per the agreements. Cost would be calculated as per the Agreements of the services. If the virtual network operator holding services for 20 years, would have to pay for 20 years. But 20 years later it would be renew.

Actually the charges have been estimated as per the city and localities. If Mobile virtual network operator holding services at the metro cities would have to pay Rs.5 crore, if the services are in B class cities would have to pay Rs. 3 crore, and if the services in small level areas would have to pay Rs. 2 crore. This is the normal estimation that has implemented by the head of telecom departments.

Virtual network operator can offer full services and intermediate services. They can offer services without infrastructure. They can establish own MSC but not radio access network. This is the limitation of the virtual operators. At the end, I would summarize the importance of the operators, actually both are important and playing the vital role in the telecommunication industry and giving the new heights and shapes.


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