Thursday, 28 February 2013

Wireless Charging System - Why do we need wireless charging, and why now?

As we know the world’s best exhibition over the telecommunication and mobile industry is running now days at Barcelona. There are lots of telecom market players(Computaris, Nokia, Samsung etc.) are introducing the new technologies, trends and new featured products.

For example: Nokia has launched 5 new mobile phones in the year of 2013 and introduced at the exhibition at Barcelona. Nokia has announced one of the best and cheap mobile phone Nokia-501 which would be available at just in 15 Euro.

The technology comes with user experiences. So in the trends of changing technologies era the time has been come for the wireless charging systems, and so the Nokia head Tomi Penttila has announce the new mobile phone Nokia Lumia 820 with the wireless charging cover system. User can directly charge mobile phones by keeping mobile at wireless holding place.

The technology is not just stopping at this point, this going beyond the user experiences; they are trying to give the wireless charging function at everywhere such as restaurant tables and in your car while you are driving. There is no need to worry about the plug and charge you’re mobile at the car, just hold your mobile at the wireless charging systems and get ready your device.

Researchers are trying to create such chargers where different kinds of devices will be charge by the single wireless charger. There would not ne require different charger for the different devices. Wireless technology is such an amazing technology where user uses it once then they will never come back to the old one.

Benefits of This System

This would be compatible with the number of different phones, players, android phones, Black berry phones and i Phones  so there is no longer need multiple chargers for specific devices. This will be available for the smart phones and latest phones only. There has to be a correct time for the technologies, and now the user experiences directly match with the technology, then why do not get the new era for the users. Thus the new wireless technology came into the market to match the experience of the peoples with the technology.


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