Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Fixed Mobile Convergence - Solution to Cost Cutting & Enhance Productivity over VOIP

The days have gone, when peoples contact their colleagues by land line just using the extension number. It is fine but the technology never stop, the new era has to come that is FMC. Fixed Mobile convergence is the new feature over the VOIP, where you can directly contact your friends or colleagues without touching a land line.

Generally peoples contact their friends by Email or by instant messages but sometimes might be missed little important information which you want to deliver. And one more drawback of this communication which is used by the land line, you cannot contact to anyone who is out of office.

In this situation FMC, is the right solution to overcome these issues. It would be facilitating to communicate with customers and service providers too. They can communicate to each other without any confusion. FMC, also known as mobile twinning that means peoples can transfer calls into mobile and land line as well. To do this the advanced configured server is required.

User can access all mobile functionality such as call forwarding, call waiting, conferencing, call records and hold during the communication. It is true any technology run by using applications, so here is also required a web application which will facilitates to navigate the functions and cost cutting too. In offices, calls over the VOIP mostly free, and less costing for the providers. Convergent charging and billing is one of the best options into the telecom industry, which are playing vital role to policy control.

FMC services easily integrated with the existing systems which are already running in the market. The cost minimized through the outlays reduced, calls cheaper and web access traffic enhancement. Keep calls alive among customer and providers, which will help to deliver the quality services and trust as well.

FMC Features:

The characteristics of the FMC, Global Roaming, Hot desking, Softphones, Dual mode handsets and web based management tool.

Dual mode hand set- directly linked to the devices over the VIOP just adding an application.

Softphones- computer enables software enable to make calls and receiving calls without any extra hassle. Mobile twins is one of the best feature into the FMC is making the technology way efficient.

Hotdesking- Multiple handsets and laptops can be engaged at simultaneously without any congestion problem and location is does not matter for the devices.

Web based application- enable to the admin to access the devices information and calls information worldwide. Admin can access the whole call information just making a call track menu option.

You will get the superior communication, enhance the trust level of your customers, and increase the productivity by using the fixed mobile convergence technology.


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