Friday, 8 March 2013

How to Run Telecom Management Lifecycle?

Management comprises organizing, leading, planning, controlling and directing to an organization. Here I want to introduce you some important and key points which can reflect the management role and controlling responsibilities.

Planning and sourcingPlanning and sourcing team helps an organization to deliver the best selection, quality and value products and software that make target audiences. Planning is the backbone of an industry, the nature of business never matter. If you are running your software business and want to target your potential audiences, so in this situation planning would play the vital role to achieve the target.

Procurement and provisioningThis team responsible for the activities, purchasing, selling procedures and what to be sold and what in stock all decisions has made by this department. Range, depth and order point when should initiate all these points comes under this section. If you are a software vendor and you want to sell your product into the market, then the whole team would play the major role to sell that particular product.

Inventory and usage managementCollect information about the products, and usage of that particular products form the team or from automated software which installed into the system. The application software easily manages the whole stock information and can also generate a single report where we can refine the information. If you have the business of mobile selling, you needed this kind of software application to monitor your stock of mobiles.

Mobile device managementMobile device management software secures monitors and support to mobile devices across the operators and service providers. This application implies the stock information as well. Telecom software solutions and telecom Consultancy are offering best software into the market. People can buy from them and can install their systems to get success.

Expense allocation and accountingExpense management is one of the best parts of any business, how much money we have to invest, what would be the ROI, how much resources cost would be, like this kind of decisions have made by the management team. Telecommunication is such a huge industry where the expense management is the key point.

Roaming ManagementRoaming is the simple process in the industry of wireless telecommunication; if someone tries to leave out the particular reason or network then roaming services have been applied to them without affecting the connection. So the network operator services are available on that reason then only they can apply the charges.

Bill Presentation and AggregationThe bill presentation at the end of the month or after a particular time frame to deliver the users is the best way to stay your customer for log time. Each and every user needs a reliable services, and without fraudulent into the system. How to charge and what service they have used all these factors monitored first then apply charges. What was the last payment and how dues are now and the status of the service with payment acknowledge.


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