Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Latest Trends and Strategy in the Communications Industry

Recently, the world mobile congress has finished and more than 70,000+ members participated at this event. There were so many software vendors, operators and manufacturers have predicted. Here I am summarizing the key points that have been announced at the exhibition by the top telecom operators, vendors and manufacturers.

Big Data
IDC predicts that communication industry will move in terms of software, sales and user experiences, and industry grow $1.3B in 2013, which would made bigger to industry.

Data Services (video) coming capacity Crunch:
Online and digitization of the information is playing vital role to share information across the internet. You Tube is one of the big market player for providing videos information to the users. They also facilitates to user to upload their own video and to share them too. And the day is not far to get whole information as the form of video.

Cloud (tremendous opportunity for telecom operators):
Cloud or Infrastructure for the users is one of the best concept do offer services as infrastructure. There would not needed any infrastructure separately for the small vendors, just they will pay the amount to the cloud owner and would be able to use the services.

Project Outsourcing:
Outsourcing of the project is one of the finest way to get profit and quality products at very affordable costing. The nature of business never matter, might be telecom software outsourcing, medical software outsourcing or anything.

Bring your own Device Market explosion:
This is the prediction for the 2013, market players, if you want to stay at the top position you have to launch your own product in the market. If you want to move your business into the crowd market you have to deliver services and products at affordable cost.

 Mobile data will be the engine for revenue growth:
The data of the mobile would be revenue generation and growth strategy for the manufacturers and vendors. As we know the information sharing across the internet is one of the best methods to navigate the information among the peoples and friends.

Mobile Becomes the Connectivity Hub:
At this age now the mobile has been available for each one and in everywhere and in coming years the mobile will play the vital role to share information at rural area. Mobile would be the medium that can connect every one.

User experience becomes a reality:
What the peoples thinking and what they want to new in the technology, just they think and the technology would available for them, because the user experiences has meet technologies expectations.  Consumer mobile services reach $119B by 2013 end.  10.6% Mobile services growth 2011-2016, driven by data services (TIA, John Jacobs)


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