Monday, 25 March 2013

Mobile Number Portability – Will Improve Customer Experience?

In the competitive era of telecommunication industry, every communication service provider wants to win the customer experience. But due to fault of services or any other reasons they fail to deliver the quality services. In this situation the customer always feel bad about the services and wants to quit the operator, and just move to other service provider. Operator changing for the services was fine but the phone number would be different for the newly join service, which was the hectic for the user experience.

In this situation the TRA (Telecom Regulatory Authority) has decided to launch a new service that is “MNP” means the mobile number portability. The benefit of this service is users can change their existing operator without changing number. This service makes happy to the ultimate consumers. As the survey of India for the telecommunication, there are more than 500+ Million subscribers are using the services. And 80% of them want to change the operator. Reasoned might be service or any fraud charging systems or anything else.

Here I want to share information over mobile number portability services about the actions. In USA operators change in a single day, In UK just in an Hour, Ireland in 3 minutes, and in India it takes 5 to 7 days. This service launched in India from the November, 2012 and it’s started from the Haryana State but now it’s launched across the whole country.

Network Problems

Suppose you are the subscriber of the Reliance communication, but in your area the network of the company is poor so definitely you want to change your operator and want to choose those providers who are delivering the quality services and network services strongly.

How to Change Operator?

Here is a simple process to change the operator, just send a text message by writing PORT and send it to the 1900, as this request deliver to the current operator they send a reference number. Just go to the outlets of any one which is near in your area and ask about the MNP form, just he will ask about you which subscriber you want to choose just give the detail and your ID proof with your passport photograph. After submitting all required details they send it to the operator that you choose.

As your application form would receive by the operator, they move your services from current operators to the destiny operator without changing your number. The outlet member will give you a SIM which would be blank and it will work after the service operated in the new SIM.


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