Monday, 11 March 2013

Mobile VAS (Value Added Services) added value into your Life!

Adding value to the customer service helps to make the good consumer experiences and memorable. VAS is implementing for the purpose of communication, entertainment, information, and personalization which are the prioritize requirement of the subscribers. The main motive of mobile value added services are maximizing interaction and integration services to the consumers. To create real kind of internet experiences to the consumers and subscribers. Now these days Operators are increasing the capacity of the devices and resources, such as high band width videos which really helps to the peoples. Attractive service can only increase the real kind of audiences.

Mobile value added services (VAS) are the kind of services where consumer would be benefited; here I am trying to share few purpose and solutions:

VAS Purpose:

  •        What kind of services you are using in your mobile phones?
  •          Only use for calls & SMS what more on it?
  •          Price war is going on everywhere how to beat the competition?
  •          How many of you use internet on their mobile phones?
  •          How many times you loose important calls?
  •          Do you want to learn dating tips?
  •          Are you still paying utility bills by standing in long queue?
  •          Are you looking for live coaching?

VAS makes your life simple

  •          Connecting with you social media
  •         Do shopping from your mobile phones
  •          Get beauty tips
  •          Use background music while conversation
  •         Pay your bills online


In a communication industry where market is very competitive, CSPs are offering the new services and trends to the consumers. In this scenarios the value added services and telecom designs make the future of the telecom software companies. To safe the reputation and stay with revenue operators have to focus on the quality services and reliable which can make user experiences better.

Enterprise Value Added Services:

  • VPN solution: To increase the productivity of the enterprise and enhance the voice data reachability.
  • PBX solution: To manage networks into a proper way and advance voice services to fixed mobile customers.

Consumer Value added services:

  • Location Based Services - Communication service providers enable to enhance the service area as per the requirement.
  • Call completion & Network service – To create positive consumer experiences through the help of reliable service management.
  • Online charging- SMS, voice call solution, MMS


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