Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Top 10 Qualities to Be a Good Telecom Solution Provider

In growing industry of the telecom, companies are providing telecom solutions as they can provide better. There are lots of telecom service providers in the market and trying to beat their competitor. But the thing is that if your services are good and beneficial for the subscribers, no need to follow to other companies or services just focus on your services. Here I want to share few important key points which might help to select a better service provider.
Real-time rating and charging- If you are running your telecom business, and want to win believes of the consumers. There is only single key thing is that always offer reliable services. Never to fraud with your potential customers. Real time charging and rating is used for the call accounting systems. Always try to focus on your accounting management such as subscription management, prepaid accounting management, and billing into a stipulated time frame. If you would follow this one, no doubt you will win the consumers. 
Messaging- Short message service is the kind of special service for the subscribers; they can use the defined packages to their cell phones and enjoy the text message service. If customer needs any kind of package online in that situation it should be available without any break. If the telecom service provider is offering the message service to their customers, keeps the point on reliable and trustable services.
Provisioning- This process is essential to the telecom software providers to deliver the reliable services to ultimate consumers. Always ready with a proper plan to allow the network services. Provisioning is all about the network planning and design of the system.
Mediation- It is just a system to convert data one form to other format generally used for the billing systems in the telecommunication industry. This used by the telecom companies for the purpose of call detail records or CDR. If companies are offering the telecom detail records to the subscribers, its winning strategy to stay the consumer for the long time.

Subscriber data management- Subscription information is very essential to know your consumers better and their subscription services. It also helps what kind of technology we have to implement to stay with the consumers. To improve the customer experience, companies are focusing on the subscription data management only.
Mobile broadband data policy management- To rapid increment on the uses of the mobile broadband it is quite complex to manage bandwidth. Telecom solution provider  are making such a policy which helps to manage the broadband and bandwidth consumption.
Loyalty and churn management- To know the proper reason why the subscription is going to end.  Loyalty and churn management is only single policy, which can keep the information about the cancelation reason and about the customer experiences. Why customers are going to use another operators all thing mention at the management policy.
Specializes in system integration- Mostly companies do not offer integration services which will shows the negative aspects of the company. If the communication service provider having the experts and providing software integration services to the business that would be great for the organization. If the company develop the product and integrate it with own management, that is only the reason to create positive impression on the potential customers.
BSS technical consultancy- Business support system is the backbone of any business, no matter of business nature. If you develop a product and integrate it to a particular organization it’s good, but if they feel difficulties to operate it companies able to handle the consumers and to support.
 24/7 support and maintenance at industry level SLAs- If an operator or communication service provider wants to stay at the top position then they have to provide technical support services to their existing customers. The technical support to the consumers should be 24/7 basis. The maintenance of the product would be on a stipulated time with the industry agreements.


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