Thursday, 11 April 2013

How Business Support System can Increase the Customer Experience?

In the world of competition, service providers have to offer system support and a service because, support is a thing that plays a key role into the business and its impact directly goes to customer experience. Service providers try to win the customer experience through their support and services. If someone looking to buy a service or products from the market, he/she has to ask for the support services. If business support is not offering by the providers, no need to hire the services. Customer always needs to operate their business without any difficulties.

Suppose if we will talk about the telecom industry, in this field call center can play the role for the oss/bss support . Various form of support systems all are listed below.

Email Support Systems

Business always requires a way to manage the customer information and their feedback. telecom software is the key interface to interact with the customers. But in some times if the service provider fail to deliver the support through the CRM, they should offer the email support system. In this situation if the customer is not available at the place, just place an email to the customer regarding there query. When customer checks back his inbox he can directly email to the providers without any hassle.

Chat Support

Chat support or Instant support services to the customers is directly win- win situation, if the service providers wants to interact their customer then has to offer the chat services. Chat services possible through the help of SKYPE, G mail system or any specific tool which is running in your organization. Customer always looking to get fast and immediate response from the providers, if they fail to deliver it, it impact on the customer experiences.

Calling Support

Calling support system is one of the best and first prioritizes support solutions to the customers, which help to the customers to get business smooth and to understand business policies and services. In this support customer directly talk to customer representative and resolve their problems, just into a minute. Calling support always give the positive results to the provider and customer as well. So the customer will keep in with them for long time.

Support through Conferencing

To increase the customer good experiences, providers always try to offer real time support systems. Conferencing support system is the real time environment support system where customer directly benefited to resolve the problems. If a customer facing some problem to operate the Interface or application, he has to contact directly to the service providers through the help of conferencing system. In the summarize form if you are really want to win the customer experiences, you have to offer the best support services at minimized cost. It is only the way to keep customer for the long time.


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