Monday, 29 April 2013

LTE Network Revolution: Ringing Edge of Communication Industry

LTE or long term evolution is the new term of telecommunication Industry, marketed as 4G and new standard for the wireless communication. It is based on the GSM, CDMA and Wi-Fi. Think about the motive of these technologies, with the demands of the users and speedy communication it is require changing into the industry. There are few basic reasons that can push us to make changes into this industry all are mention below

User demand for higher level data with quality

In, the booming industry of the telecom, users are now very smart and they demand for the high quality data and fast accessing services to the operators. In few days back when LTE was not in the existence, 2G was providing efficient services and access environment but the customer always look for better solution. Now days long term evolution is the efficient network service that can facilitate fast data accessing services at very affordable cost.

Competiveness with 3G systems

Compatibility is one of the most components to upgrade systems; it means that LTE is most compatible with the 2G platforms so the existing user never drops their important calls. LTE network system follow the existing 2G system with new addition to the better access.

Small Round Trip Time:

With the help of LTE network, the unnecessary roundtrip time reduced because this is used at the time of roaming. If you are visiting out of your network region then LTE can facilitate you the packet switching system and you switch your cell tower to the available network. So the time consumption quite reduced and user experience would be hike.

Revolution of LTE Network:

There are plethora network accesses technologies are running into the market but why we require changes to our existing network. Here we shared information about the LTE network funnel and revolution steps. As we know LTE is the radio platform to get high peak throughput for the network.

Global systems for mobile communication are the replacement of 1G and give the duplex mode functionality to the users with the high engagement ratio with 80% share.

Code division multiple access, is the radio technology and it is also known as 3G technologies for the telecommunication industry. It used for the single channel and multiple access featured concept and set the bench mark for the operators.

Wi-Fi is the wireless technology, and used for communication and exchange the information electronically using radio webs. It is secure but in comparison to the wired connection it Is less secure because the intruder can easily hack the information over the SSL while data would be unencrypted.

Wi- Max
Worldwide interoperability for micro web access is the wireless communication standard that provides 50 megabit/sec data access rates to users.

This is the latest communication standard for the telecom industry. This is also known as 4G standard that can provide the fastest data access service and accuracy.


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