Thursday, 25 April 2013

Roaming in LTE: 3G versus 4G Evolution

Revolution of telecommunication industry is going rapidly. With the demand of users, communication service providers always try to bring new technologies services. Here if we will talk about mobile broadband industry where 3G and 4G/LTE is the latest broadband services. Long Term Evolution (LTE) is one of the finest broadband management services which enhanced user experience.

LTE is based on the flat IP address with high security level. We can describe it with following points:
  1.   High level security
  2.   Real time & interactive
  3.   Multisession data
  4.  Different in LTE
  5. New network
  6.  New Interfaces
  7.  New protocols

Competing standards
Complex technology
Limited devices
Limited Devices
Lack of Applications
Voice, messaging, data
Multiple bands and frequency
Multiple frequencies
Slow roll out
Expanded Ecosystems
Interoperability & Internetworking
Internetworking and interoperability

Billing & settlement

Roaming in LTE

As per the user demand mobile broadband and LTE is offering cost effective and fast multimedia data access services across the world. 4G technologies are deployed now days in each network to get the efficient services. It is also helpful to increase the customer experience. Roaming in LTE management is one of the important parts of this industry. Diameter routing agent can provide the functionality to manage the quality of the network and services. Two different network operators interact and share information to each other by using common interface such as diameter signaling platform.


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