Thursday, 6 June 2013

Lte- Is it Enhancement of HSPA?

4G Lte is next step in wireless and telecommunication Industry. It provides high speed data transfer rates. It uses OFDMA for downlink and SC-FDMA for Uplink. There are so many operators who are enabling the Lte services across the world. The implementation and integration of 4G technology quite complex and expensive, normal and small level operators cannot start it easily. There are few signal routing equipment are required to implement further into the organization.

What exactly Lte is? It is the Enhancement version of 3G wireless technology or HSPA + is also known as Lte. High speed packet access is the term which is slower than the 4G Lte. Generally Lte is 10 time faster than 3G wireless technology.

Lte Benefits
  • 10 times faster than 3G network
  • Efficient
  • Faster Downloads
  • Quicker Uploads
  • Shorter Time Frame
  • Highly Data Rates
  • Truly Mobile Broadband service

Lte Specification

100 MBPS ( Down Link)
14 MBPS (Down Link)
50 MBPS (Uplink)
5.7 MBPS(Uplink)

Lte Signal Processing Techniques
  • FDMA
  • MIMO (Multiple Inputs and Multiple Outputs)
  • Antenna Systems
Lte Useful For:
  • Video Conferencing- It requires high speed transfer rates for connection.
  • Online Games – To play online games, HSPA+ requires.
Roaming in Lte
  • Diameter Signaling Platform – Roaming in Lte management requires a platform.
  •   Roaming connectivity- It requires an equipment to connect Networks together.
  •  Diameter Relay Agent- The initial step of Lte management.


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