Monday, 8 July 2013

MVNO and MVNE Solution: Ideal Business Model in Telecom Industry

In telecom industry, people get confused to understand the real business model terms such as MVNO and MVNE. MNOs (Mobile network operators) are the big player of the telecom industry because of they have own radio spectrum and infrastructure. They can setup a subscription management plan and radio frequencies as well. Actually they never do their business by their own way; just they look for the MVNOs which can really help them to get business better from the market.

MVNOs always look forward to the business strategies and help to telecom network operators. They don’t have any license and infrastructure so that they cannot change the subscription management plans and rules; just they are as the wholesale subscriber and sell the services into the market. They buy the minutes of talk time and sell them into the end users. The main benefits of this model are MVNOs are always connected with end users.

Mobile network operation is not an easy task because there are some contributions required by the MVNEs. They are the mediator between network operators and virtual network operators. Business support system is the real example of MVNEs business model. They never get relationship with the end users, but play the vital role into the business.

MVNOs don’t have GSM or CDMA kind of infrastructure such as radio spectrum network systems and MSCs. There are some limitations to access the network so they cannot change the spectrum frequencies and work flow status. Generally virtual network operator seems as a roaming partner for the different networks across the world.

Entrepreneurs always seeking for the real solution providers they never look for the money. It is essential for the telecom operators never try to cheat the end users because they are only the real asset of the business. To win the end user experience telecom contributor need to know the proper requirement and expectations. Values added services such as short messaging services, caller tunes and news alerts can directly engaged end users with the solution providers.

If the end user experience would be down then your business and revenue automatically goes down so never try to cheat them and play with their wishes. mvno and mvne solution are playing the big model role in the telecom industry. At the end I want to share my own opinion telecom network and the contributor of the industry are really appreciable. They are offering services to the ultimate end users as per their expectations.


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