Monday, 29 July 2013

OpenCloud IN services: Why must the Emerging Network Continue to be Intelligent?

As we aware over the cloud, is a platform where peoples can store and access the information. In the same manner network system has also adapted JAIN SLEE based platform to build the high quality OpenClud solution to manage the network system. To protect the information telecoms operators are going to adapt the right kind of telecom solutions that can enable maintain the privacy the information.

JAIN/SLEE technology has been present in each and every telecom service provider’s infrastructure, actually this platform is java based and delivered a great product that is Rhino. OC intelligent network is a high sensitive network management platform that can protect the information and never leave a single chance to leak the information across the unauthorized network access area.

It can be used to develop and deploy the ss7 based applications such as CAP and INAP and web protocols such as HTTP servlet and service oriented applications and architecture. It is also known as clustered based system which can minimize the procedures and functions of the operators.

Technical consultancy can be integrated easily with the systems and rapid application deployment with fast execution process. Telecom network operators always require a solution like this to maintain the data privacy. As per the current need of the operators, OC intelligent network having the OpenCloud Rhino platform now days in the market. Operators can directly use this platform to safe information at the network area.

How this platform benefitted to the operators and network architecture

  •         To prevent unauthorized use of the network and denial of service attacks
  •          To guarantee quality of service to meet needs
  •          To be able to guarantee the identity of a user
  •          To identify economical traffic routes under changing demand
  •          To provide presence information for use by other services
  •          To provide data needed for services

Addressing Challenges

  •         Regain control of your service road map
  •         Reduce the cost of innovation
  •         Eliminate legacy barriers

OpenCloud solution

  •         Mobile number portability
  •          SMS router
  •          SMS storage
  •          Online charging server
  •         Number normalization service


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