Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Real Time Rating and Charging: key to Success for Dynamic Markets

Balance management of the mobile is the key point to win user experience. Generally few peoples stuck fraud rating and charging because they do not aware over the BSS. In many times I had also get charged by the telecom operator before few days ago, then I decided to quit the service provider and will go to another.

Sometimes, companies do not have the proper billing management solution and have to wear the bad user experience, which can impact on the business as well. So here I raise question why they are not going to adopt the proper telecom solution? Why they are playing with their business? All these things can be eliminated by just using a proper telecom solution.

There are so many different telecom service providers and offering services but only few of them are reliable and affordable. Communication service providers or telecom operators should have a proper telecom interface which can track the proper billing systems.

Real time rating and charging solutions enables service providers to determine operations and subscriber. Telecom solution should able to manage the prepaid and postpaid systems. Subscriber might be charged for the postpaid connections or prepaid the system should follow the both approach simultaneously.

To manage the balance and subscription process needs to use SCN, diameter interface and PARLAY. These technologies can really help to the business process to get process stream line. If any service provider wants to get success into the market, it needs to adopt proper solutions according to the dynamic market.

RTCS allows real time data authorization, charging and subscription management, if any balance related issues comes during the process it would be eliminated by using this technology. It also support to the session management and process frequency.

Market is quite dynamic so operators need to adopt new technologies and process. Real time charging is one of the key processes into the telecom industry. If this process would be accurate and neat business would automatically grow and it reflects positive impact over the business process.

The telecom billing and charging should be full on latest technologies such as VPN Support, real time policy rules, Top ups, hybrid user accounts, centralized balance management and single product catalogs. Deployment of the system should be easy and navigation should be proper to billed for the particular subscriber. Cost effective telecom solutions are in first step and operators are applying them easily without any problems.


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