Thursday, 29 August 2013

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Next Generation Security & Networking Solution!

Expanding Internet convention activity and security strings are landing to us for powerful and secure results, which can administers parcel streams and supervise movement. To incorporation of parcel and Meta information extraction DPI is the genuine and powerful segment of the system. DPI, checks the TCP/UDP port numbers and example of the parcel headers. These system innovations truly serve to inspect the constant investigation, recognize the conventions and legitimately distinguish information relationship and stabilized correspondence designs and enhance the recognition of the malware.

Vendors need to increase the effectiveness and robustness of the products by using the deep packet inspection network technology. Vendors are also trying to offer solutions for the SIEM, NBAD and DDOS attacks.Network filtering systems (DPI) enable us to track the information at granular level. Intrusion detection and preventions solutions can easily manage by this filter system. How DPI works on the OSI network protocol model, actually it checks the protocols and type of data. It also inspects the data pay loads and can also prevent information from the threads. DPI inspects the spam, viruses, and intrusions and decides where it should pass and it can route indifferent directions and destinations and collect the statistical information from the network.

Two different ways to collect packets for DPI

Port Mirroring- DPI can acquire data from the network, port mirroring is one finest mechanism which inspects every layers of OSI model and delivers targeted information to the network agent. As it name suggest, it creates the mirror of the all layers and refine data from the top layers.

Optical Splitter-Data packet inspection, can collect the packet information from this method too, and deliver it to the network agent who really authorized for this datum.Filtering system (DPI) of information from the network enables advanced level network management, user service and security functions and data mining in the internet. Classified packet can be blocked, redirected and reported to network agent. Most of the DPI inspects packet flows rather than packet by packet. It also secures the internal network structure. Large scale internet service providers also already apply for the technology to improve their robustness of the service.

Privacy and network security is main concern for the internet service providers and telecom operators. If someone requires DPI technology to upgrade the network system, call to network solution providers and safe your network information. Please feel free to contact us to know further information telecom related technologies.


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