Friday, 6 September 2013

LTE Roaming Diameter a Solution for Network Operators!

Lte roaming diameter is real time solution for telecom operators to enhance subscriber roaming experience. There are so many operators’ worldwide and offering Lte roam exchange services. It was not an easy job to offer this platform but telecom software vendor’s dedication and efforts could alive us with the Lte roaming solution. It was the great challenge to offer Lte roaming diameter platform, where subscriber can experience during the roaming region. Subscribers want to access information at high speed whether they travel any other network area. Keep this point of the subscriber, operators initiated to develop a platform where a common network can provide the access. So they talked to software vendors and now them able to offer a platform that is diameter routing agent.

To improve quality of the network and for better user experience operators have been dedicated to offer roaming services at 4G network. The Long term evolution (LTE), with roaming solution offer seamless platform to every subscriber. High quality transfer rate and Lte roaming exchange solution make a great relationship with operators and subscribers as well.

Quality roaming experience is essential for the subscribers while they travel abroad to international destination. Lte roaming diameter platform allow us to access information without shake and guaranteed interoperability through a single network. It is not only requiring for abroad, but also in our own country for different states. Suppose if you are travelling in state that means you are into roaming area, but roaming solution of 4G network allow us to access the home network of that particular state.

Benefits to mobile operators through Lte Roaming Diameter platform:

Improved Network management- Operators can easily manage the data such as multimedia communication services, any device information, IP based voice data. And also differentiate the 4G network services from the traditional network area. Better quality services, and improved subscriber experience with the help of using diameter platform.

Comprehensive Traffic Reporting- The Traffic management of network and reporting to the agents are more robust and secure because of the diameter routing platform. This can allow proper reporting section at the end of the communication. Reporting management was the big challenge on traditional platforms but here no complexities to create a correct and proper report.

Cost Deficiency- Most of the operators are investing more on operations, but after integration of IP into a single network can reduce the total expenditure of ARPU. Cost cutting is one of the primary concerns of the telecom operators, and this platform facilitates us to deliver cost effective solutions and services.


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