Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Real Time Charging System to Improve Customer Relationships

Now days, It is really challenging task to establish a good relationship with customers. Communication service provider always requires a solution that could able to manage the whole things within the organization. In the traditional way where no solution had taken place, it was very difficult to manage the subscriber data. Billing system, subscriber data management and real time charging system are the real solutions that could able to manage the complete process.

Real time rating and charging system is really helpful for the operators. They can manage their process of network systems such as postpaid and prepaid network systems pricing model. Flexible pricing and great billing model delivering the best possible user experience. Real time charging system enables you to profit from these services faster way without risk and complexity. It also supports growth plans.

Real time charging system delivers the business value

Dynamic Scalability-Real time charging solution should be dynamic so that it might change during the expansion of the business model. Pricing model for prepaid and postpaid network system should be reliable and affordable for the operators. New pricing structure for the operators should be easy to change.

Encourage Services-To win user experience it is essential to care all customers in the right way. There are so many operators in the market and offering real time charging system but it is not sure that they all are affordable and reliable.  Real time solution really helps a lot to operators in terms of business expansion and billing system efficiency and many more things. Combine post-paid and pre-paid data charging circumstance on a single Stage.

Reduce Costing-Combined solutions for both network process (prepaid and postpaid) can really help to operators because it is available at the single platform. Reduce cost and cut our all extra expenditure and efficient process using this solution.

Streamlines Operations-Operations would perform easily in terms of process, subscription management, smooth processing and much more hard core information implemented easily.

Customer centric charging model-Real time rating and charging system should be flexible and reliable for the operators. Operators require customer centric charging model that can never fail to report in a proper way and especially for proper billing process. 


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