Thursday, 28 November 2013

Top Testing Suite: Robust Testing Platform Forever!

I was literally confused to deployment testing services and testing scenarios, but thank to my one friend who advised me to use the computaris “top testing suite”. It was the great experience ever especially for this season. I was not new to use services, before it I had deployed services from many companies across the world.

There are plethora service providers in market but only few of them are reliable. CSPs are always seeking robust and secure solution which will deliver the right test reports. Testing of the product is one of the major phases into the telecom business and it should be, because the complete test report can measure the performance of the organization.

TOP Testing Suite is capable of performing test scenarios ranging from simple to the most complex. TOP Testing Suite is a multi-platform 100% Java application. Its cross protocol features allow for real-time sharing of arbitrary data between multiple protocols Such as MAP, SMPP and SIP. This platform is quite easy to implement, and application developers and engineers feel easy to deployment.

The platform enables us to perform different testing scenarios such as BSS automated testing, regression testing and distributed testing. There are different perspective to test but majorly these are three are prominent test cases to test. Telecom testing services are top rated services as of now, only cause of mobility is booming.

We Can Create Testing Scenarios:

1 -BSS Automated Testing
2 -BSS Regression Testing
3 -BSS Distributed Testing

How Testing Suite Benefited to Business?

1-Reduce Cost and Deployment Time
2-Resolve Performance Issues
3-Flexible to implement in every phase (Development and Deployment)

Securely and efficiently operating real-time OSS/BSS systems puts stringent system verification and validation demands on entire IT and telecom infrastructures. Validation of OSS/BSS solutions is therefore a complex process targeting both individual and collective behavior of network elements. I would recommend to all business peoples who are seeking a reliable solution for their potential business. I hope all of you will thoroughly enjoy this platform because it is. Here I shared my real time experience among you people. 


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